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Mazzika is the premier Arabic orchestra in Europe. With its uniquely talented cast of musicians, Mazzika strives to present the Arabic Music heritage in its best light, revisiting this rich repertoire with both fidelity and creativity.

Under the direction of Dr. Amal Guermazi, Mazzika has performed in numerous prestigious venues, sharing the stage with more than 25 renowned artists overs the years.

Under her direction, Mazzika Orchestra has hosted some of the most renowned Arab artists from all over the Middle East and North Africa. Thanks to her multi-faceted talent built on a strong theoretical foundation, Amal Guermazi prides herself on instilling rigor to Arab notations while harmoniously reinventing the orchestration and the musical arrangement. Through this innovative approach she successfully combines fidelity and creativity in her performances and showcases, at every occasion, the Arab musical heritage in its best light.

Amal Guermazi is a highly accomplished musicologist, orchestra conductor, and award winning violinist. Amal Guermazi pursued her post-graduate studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris where she received both her Masters and Ph.D.

Amal Guermazi musical career has been as impressive as her academic rise, starting as violinist, then soloist, to now leading first class musical ensembles. She has currently the privilege of conducting the most distinguished oriental orchestra in Europe, the Mazzika Arab Orchestra, based in Paris, France and which includes some of the most talented Arab musicians of the Mediterranean region.

In parallel to Mazzika Orchestra conducting, Amal is also working as a Senior Consultant for Harvard University (USA), the Opera of Reims (France) and collaborating as well with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Paris (France).


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